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I’ve decided to take my tennis a little more seriously and I wondered whether you think I should give up playing squash altogether as a result?

From: Nik
Tim says: “In terms of squash being a help or a hindrance I think there are probably a few pros and a few cons.

Firstly, it always helps if you have good eye-ball co-ordination, and playing squash will help you develop this further and it will definitely help you with your fitness too.

However, many players who try to combine the two sports find it difficult because the technique involved is very different.

As I’m sure you know, in order to execute most of the basic shots in squash you need to use the wrist a lot, whereas in tennis if you try and do the same it can prove a bit of a hindrance, and most players who try and combine the two sports have trouble controlling the ball as a result.

But I do have a few friends that play both sports well, so there’s no doubt that it’s possible to combine both squash and tennis and be able to play them both to a decent level.

It will take considerable time and effort on your part but I think it will definitely prove worth it in the long run.

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